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"Therapy has helped me learn to love myself and work towards my goals, I should be taking my GED test in a few weeks and then applying for college. This Friday I am taking a college tour at GA Tech, my dream school. I have learned in therapy to manage my emotions and use them as a motivator to achieve my goals."

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"A year ago, I never thought I would be able to graduate and 6 months ago I was self-harming and did not want to live. Now, I am much emotionally stronger, learning to manage my panic attacks and setting boundaries for myself. I have one class left to graduation and am making plans for the future. Therapy has given my an outlet to express myself and make since of all the craziness in my life."

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Follow-Up on Discharged Client J

When this client came to ATC for services (she was about 15 years of age), she presented with low self-esteem, cutting behaviors, depression and problems relating to her mother and problems with her sexual identity which exacerbated her depression and cutting behaviors. Per her mother's report, client is doing well. Since being discharged from ATC over 2-3 years ago she has not had any cutting behaviors, she has held a full time job (she is now in her 20's) and her relationship with her mother and siblings is strong. She also has her own apartment and has accepted her sexual orientation which has led to a long term and reportedly a healthy relationship.

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Client K Mother

"My daughter has been changing a lot for the good. Her mood, her attitude and she’s happy. I am so happy she’s been smiling and laughing and talking with us!!! Thank you so much!"